Wybraliśmy pytania z podstawowej matury z angielskiego. Będziesz mieć 10/10?

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Uzupełnij lukę tak, żeby zachować gramatyczną poprawność i logiczny sens: My friend was _____ in a nearby hotel, so the restaurant was closer than any other place in the area.

2 / 10

We sat near the back and I must say it didn't feel like we were dining in a shopping centre _____

3 / 10

The pizza which _____ there is delicious

4 / 10

I had one with ham and mushrooms and my friend went _____ a vegetarian option.

5 / 10

We remembered where we were when we finished our meal and walked into the empty shopping centre - everybody was gone as the shops _____ just a few minutes earlier.

6 / 10

Excuse me. Can I __________? It's really important

7 / 10

Wybierz odpowiedź, która poprawnie uzupełnia dialog X: Have you heard that Brian returned from his trip to Asia yesterday? Y: Really? __________

8 / 10

X: Mark, how long are you here for? Y: __________

9 / 10

X: It's really hot in here. Is there air-conditioning in this room? Y: Yes. I've forgotten to __________ .

10 / 10

What's going on? You ___________ to play football here! It's a private area.